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Beautiful corkscrew laguiole

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What qualities should a good corkscrew have?
* The pigtail tail remains the most effective
* The wick is long enough for long wines wine corks
* It takes a handle with a very good grip
* The cutting system of the collar must be very efficient and very easy to use. Indeed, remember, it is forbidden to present a bottle with a naked collar, it must remain the collar that was cut only on the top.
* It is also good to have a system of assistance to the traction, to leverage and especially not to shake the bottle.
What are The qualities of Laguiole corkscrews at fontenille Pataud
* The lever is made of two stages for a smooth extraction without risk of damaging the wine
* The back of the spring is chiselled by hand and the bee is forged and not welded.
* The blade is of high quality as always in Laguiole and does not tear the capsules.
* The handle is very ergonomic thanks to its curve quite studied for a perfect grip
* The wick is conical like all wicks but above all it is fine and therefore does not swell very much the cap.
Laguiole Magnum poplar burl
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